Art sale

Art Sale - prices and delivery


One picture is 200 USD, two pics are 300 USD, three pics 375, four or more are 100 USD per pic. You write which picture(s) you want, use the names underneath the picture. When we have comfirmed that you actually exist - then we will send the details for how to pay. You can choose to pay in USD or DKK, Danish Kroner at the USD rate on the day.

After payment, we will send you a high resulution file, from which you can print the picture in the size you want. Nomally it will be within two days. 

All pictures are only for private use - or office use, you are not allowed to sell pictures to a third party or to use them in any kind of media.

We have a lot of satisfied people out there, so do not hesitate to invest in our art work.

All pictures come with a story to tell your guests, this is not a factory...

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