We hate filtered coffee

Because of the rapid development in photojournalism a new plug-in has been launched by Adobe for their popular Photoshop software. The engineers in San Jose have together with a handful of international acclaimed photojournalist invented the Digital Gentrify filter, already nicknamed the Doom and Gloom filter. By just hitting the d and g at your keyboard simultaneously the photo will become a potential Worl Press Photo winner, even when it is just a banal shot. The filter is especially recommended for use in the third world and test results have shown Africa as the place where the filter really kicks ass and bring doom and gloom into every pic. I have made a field test, but I am not convinced that the effect brings doom and gloom into my shots from the neighborhood. Judge for yourselves by spending three minutes in company of SON OF ABRAHAM, my photographs and the new filter. The song is written as a comment on Photoshop by my Joe, a singer and performer of Gods grace. Enjoy.