Tom God Harry
The genocide in Rwanda happened 18 years ago. Jørn was in Rwanda during the genocide. From April the 10th and then on and off until the genocide ended after a 100 days.
This film he made in 2008. It was aired in Denmark in April 2009. This is "Directors cut" finished i 2010. Some 12 minutes longer than the Danish version.
He says: "I went back in my own "foot steps" to recreate some of the horror and meet some of the survivors".
If you have the guts to watch this film you will meet four brave people who against all odds made it through Hell. Rose, the main character, tells the most horrifying story any one has ever told on this planet. The film is not for kids and not for people who cannot stomach blood.
It was uploaded on the day (in 2012) where the Rwandan people were commemorating the genocide of 1994.
Jørn excuses he is not English native speaking so you have to bear with his accent - he could not use another to do the narration, since the story is just a bit personal as well.