Den totale katastrofe
This film is Mayday Press' first video production. Finished in September or October 1993. It paid for the company's first Beta Cam!
"Den Totale Katastrofe" was a title which best covered the situation in Somalia at that time. Still is. The film was used in high schools all over Denmark and gave Mayday a lot of work in the TV business.
Today it's a piece of history. We had at the time when we shot the film been in and out of Somalia since 1992 and continued to go there for another few years.
If you never have met Bob Koepp, a big American in the aid business, you have a chance to meet him in this film. It's vintage Bob, who started his career in the Biafra war and did a wonderful imitation of Adolf Hitler together with his sidekick, Eric Watts. But only if you knew them well.
Basically Bob did not like journalists but somehow we managed to convince him that we were good people. We kept seeing him for years until he moved out of Kenya.
Enjoy the film - though it helps to speak or understand Danish.