Is it a dobermann?

I was very fascinated with the new small bikes they have in Hanoi. They are completely silent, they creep up on you like a bat in the dark night. If you have been to Hanoi (or other big cities out there) you will be able to see the light in this new invention. The noise, the pollution from scooters and small motorbikes is extreme. Because it seems everybody owns one of those noise-machines. Now this new silent, electric player has arrived. And look how young the driver is. It's kids play to drive. You don't even need a helmet :)

And that's it - number ten photograph. Nothing sensational from Mayday Press on stills - but when we publish our patchwork documentary 'New Places, pictures, productions, 2014' in the beginning of next year, well, thats another story. Happy 2015!

PS. I almost forgot. The mural behind the dobermann is certified to be the longest mural in the world by Guinness.