All the things we lost in the fire

This is closer to home. Actually it is home. Taken down the road after a huge fire hit Mandela Park, an informal settlement as it is called in political correct South African. Sometimes here in summer fires burn down peoples houses and that's not nice. Many will lose all their belongings. We had a big fire just last weekend (December 6). This is after the firefighters have finished here and moved further up the hill to fight more flames. Maybe she is wondering how lucky she was, seeing her neighbors house go up in flames and her shack still standing? I asked and she was.

People should not live like this. Now the municipality has offered to build new flats for the people living in Mandela Park and will spend an estimated amount of 105 million rand on the project. But the people don't want new nice flats, they want houses. I honestly don't get it sometimes…

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