The Ten Best 2014

Mayday Press will do like most other agencies does this time of the year. Let you enjoy the best shots from the photographers taken in 2014. And give professionals the possibility to explain why they took these pics. There's only one photographer at Mayday Press, though. Jørn Stjerneklar. So it will not take you forever to go through his shots. Go ahead!

The pix will be shown in the order they were taken during the year.

"Okay, let me start out to say I hardly shoot stills anymore. I am mostly into making documentaries on video. And I never do news - or almost never. But I always bring my two Canon cameras on our journeys. And therefore I have a few good frames from 2014. This, the first of ten, is taken an early morning in Mae La refugee settlement on the border between Thailand and Burma. It's a school in the monastery for young aspiring monks. To be honest they did not seem to be that much into Buddhism but they have an opportunity to school for free and be away from their parents houses. Guess it's a way to save some money for the mothers and fathers in the camps? This is the prayer just before the actual school starts. The monastery was on top of a hill overlooking the camp and had a very nice, tranquil feeling surrounding it".