Holiday time?

This time of the year it's holiday time for a lot of people all over the world. We are not on holiday - but we will take a break from this exhibition. Right now we are in Bangkok, yesterday we were in Hong Kong. And since we will move around a bit for the next five weeks the refugees will have to take a break as well. They deserve it. This young woman is hopefully soon going to Denmark. She and her family has been granted asylum in the small country up North. The family has had a hard time over the years since they fled the war in Eastern Congo. Enough is enough. Their story is not one you tell to small kids. But told it will be. You will hear it next year in the radio.

We are on our way, soon, to meet more people who have fled their country. But that's another story which you will get when the time is right.

We wish all of you true followers of the exhibition a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. Enjoy life in full. You never know if you one day end up in a refugee camp. Like this one.