Where's Wally? Where's Waldo? Find Holger!

The titles from three different countries of a popular children's book series published all over the world. Another popular pastime for kids, when not reading, is to spot how many .…… do you see in this picture? So let's play: How many dead kids can you spot in this photograph?

It was another bad day in the heart of Africa. More than 200 bodies were spread out in an area about the size of two basketball courts, maybe slightly bigger. Most were kids trampled to death in the mayhem that began in the late afternoon the day before. July the 18th, 1994. Mortars started to explode among tens of thousands of Hutus, many of them killers, fleeing Rwanda entering Zaire. Shots rang out in the humid air. The stampede that followed was devastating. These kids managed only to be living as refugees for a few minutes a few meters inside a foreign country. With only a few years as kids.

The cynical bombing was done by the fleeing peoples own army to create confusion, terror, and stop the border control for their weapons. You can say that goal was a success and these children were just collateral damage. What euphemistic way of describing the killing of innocent people by the way. An expression used all the time now-a-days.

This picture was not published back in 1994. Another one shot a short distance away, 30 meters or so, where there were also a lot of kids spread out in the landscape, was printed in a big magazine. The other picture was slightly less dramatic if dead kids can be so. We don't know how you feel about pictures like this. Should they be shown to the world, to other kids, or is it too much?

We have no problems publishing pictures like this, even if it had been European or American children. But maybe we are just too brutalized by the daily life on this continent?

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