Should kids be allowed to play with toy guns?

Well, it must be a decision that every parent must take themselves. This boys parents have taken that consideration a bit over the top, or at least to the top. We never allowed our sons to play around like the boy here. Imagine he steps on a loaded gun and it fires. He could actually kill someone, isn’t it?

We did let our two boys play with guns though, but not real AKs. Toy guns only. Look at the Kalashnikow the boy is carrying? But then again with him being a son of a Peshmerga fighter we have to acknowledge the necessity for him to learn and fight back at a certain stage and time in his life. But however you look at it, kids should not have access to real guns and they should never fight wars. He is way too young to pick up a weapon.

At this time he is not a refugee. Again, like we have described before, ”just” an IDP, but he is on his way out of Iraq and the pile of guns is here because the Kurds were not allowed to bring their weapons across the border into Iran when Saddam Hussein tried to exterminate this proud people.

It’s not the biggest pile of assorted weapons we have seen at a border crossing. But it’s huge, this one. The picture is taken in April 1991. Like the
frisbee picture some three weeks back. Which of them that are more depressing we will leave up to you to decide.

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