Why are these men playing with frisbees when they are supposed to get the fuck out?

Never really understood the situation in Kurdistan. Or why the world in general hates the Kurds. But then you realize that they are not serious people, are they? Look at this picture. It’s taken in April 1991 at the border between Iran and Iraq. The men are actually having fun while their families are suffering in the cold and snowy weather up in the mountains on their way out of Iraq fleeing Saddam Hussein’s napalm bombs.

How dare they behave like that?

But what about the Iranian guy throwing the frisbees? He is even having more fun than the Kurds.

How dare he behave like that?

FYI - the name frisbee should originate from the Frisbie bakery in Bridgeport, Connecticut. They played with their pie tins - just like these guys are playing with their food.

Next question. Is it a Nan-e lavash, a Nan-e taftoon or is it really a frisbee flying in the air?

PS Nobody know for sure how many Kurds lost their life to Saddam Husseins reign of terror. But in the aftermath of the American infused rebellion here in 1991 against the dictator it was in the tens of thousands. Before that even more. God bless.

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