Wild Turkey

Cold turkey. Young Turks. Talk turkey. Turkey’s nest.

How come there’s so many expressions involving the bird?

Maybe it’s because it’s very valuable? Why else would these two girls carry the big bird between them and the other young Turk :) the oldest girl has in her hand. Why not eat the animals and have a feast? They are a very long way from their destination and could use the calories for the energy it demands to take this hike.

Imagine that this is the most valuable possession you have ever owned.

Food for thought. And for Thanksgiving, if you are American. The sharp eyed viewer will have noticed the kid on the big girls back as well. She is strong and not complaining, the young sister is even smiling.

They are actually still refugees for another few kilometers. The picture is shot in the country now known as (the not so) Democratic Republic of Congo but at this time, or precisely that day, it was still called Zaire. It changed name within a couple of days after these girls were not refugees anymore. When they were back in Rwanda.

The girls were part of the exodus of Hutu refugees from Zaire in November 1996. One million people on the move. Returning home. We saw it as a positive and necessary development, but many NGO’s used the opportunity to tell the worlds TV viewers that it actually was a catastrophe. The NGO’s never miss out on turning just about every thing into a disaster.

PS The expression ”young Turks” has nothing to do with the bird.

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