Congolese family in Lusaka, Zambia 2008 waiting to get asylum as refugees in Denmark. They arrived in 2009.

When are you not a refugee anymore?

It’s 25 years ago Mayday Press first visited a refugee camp. August 1988 in Pakistan. Since that first visit the staff feel that they have seen most of the camps around the world - not that they are even close, but the feeling is there.
Actually they thought they had ”been there and done that” long time ago. Even bought the odd t-shirt.
But it will never end. Recently Jørn Stjerneklar was back to Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda, a place he first visited in January 1991. So we have decided to give some thoughts and pictures. Some stories, some funny moments, maybe a bit of irony on the subject ”refugee”.

Mayday press will make a ”Refugee of the Week” here on our site. Let’s see what happens and if we can keep it up. We hope you will follow the development, look at the pics, read our stories. Comment on them. First picture is
right here.