This is a manyatta, a small enclosure, where nine families live. Mayday Press' Landrover is parked beneath an acacia tree inside the fence. This is the place Helle Maj and Jørn Stjerneklar alway set up camp when visiting their friends living in this part of Kenya. The manyatta is situated a bit far from the road between Wamba and Maralal. Way into the bush. You have to cross a dry river then go right and head for a mountain which looks like…..

I can find Lugulus, as the place is named. All pictures in the exhibition are from this area covering a span of 25 years. It will be difficult to observe the change over the years in the photographs, but I will guide you once or twice. Unfortunately the Samburu culture is disappearing fast. Many reasons for that. The young people (read men) wants to be more integrated in modern Kenya. Christianity and its missionaries have influenced the tribe for many years. Global warming, war in Somalia and drought has taken its toll.

So after more than 400 years of the same, same, dramatic changes are now happening. I have chosen to show the colorful Samburus in B&W.

Why not?

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Jørn Stjerneklar
Cape Town April 2013