The weeks


Last week I had a picture from Zanzibar. Why not continue with another one? This piece of road has always been a favorite of mine. The huge trees flanking the asphalt are mango trees. Last time I drove here I measured how many kilometers you have mangos on both sides.

Three kilometers. Next time I have to find out why the trees were planted here along the road.

It's always different, the light. Depending on the time of the day, the season etc. The on/off of sunshine when driving under the heavy leaves gives an interesting view on life.

The road is the main artery between Stone Town and the East Coast.

It's summer in Europe and not much is happening on our web site. Not to many visitors, since most guests are from that part of the world. Holiday season.
So let's make an advertisement. This picture is among the ones you can buy in our gallery. Maybe you should invest in something beautiful for your house or flat?

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Have an artful week.