The weeks


We decided to have a week 53 in 2012. Even if it’s only for a day, today. As a teaser for our next exhibition which will be launched later on in 2013. A black and white look on the colorful Samburu tribe in northern Kenya. These boys are doing something they should not. They are singing songs made for the Morans, the warriors. But since we were visiting and needed some sound they were allowed to do their best. And they were good at it having listened for years to the big boys songs. We were sitting around a big camp fire in the pitch black night listening to the boys having a go at the poetry.

Beautiful it was.

So this is it. Our 2012 developing exhibition is done. It’s over and out for this year.

Here are some stats from 2012. Mayday Press has had more than 8.000 visitors on our website. The documentary
Tom God Harry has had almost 3.000 viewers since it was uploaded in April. Most on the Vimeo page. We have finished two documentary films, one you can see here, the other will be broadcast sometime in 2013 on Danish Broadcasting Corporations channel DR2. And we have started shooting a third film, which will also be sent on DR2 in 2013.

Helle has not finished her book, she is now on her fifth year writing. Not her fault, though. Jørn has had only two assignments shooting stills. That has never happened before, but it tells a story. We are now (almost) full-time documentary film makers.

We had our 25 year anniversary in November.

Next year Helle will turn 50 and Jørn will have 30 years as a freelancer. In 2014 Mayday Press will have existed in 25 years. Something to look forward to.

From us down here. Happy New Year!

Have a prosperous week and an exciting 2013.