The weeks


We know it’s Chistmas Eve in Scandinavia and Germany tonight. That most people will gather and enjoy too much food and sweets. Well, enjoy. We are not celebrating this night or the day tomorrow, which most people are down here.

But we are soon going on a road trip. This weeks picture is from previous road trip here in South Africa. It’s a very beautiful country we live in and there’s still a lot of places we haven’t been. On this coming trip we will among many places visit the most southern point on the continent. It’s called Cape Agulhas and strangely enough; we have never been there. The Cape of Needles is the English translation. It’s only a 170 kilometers south east of our home.

But back to the pic above. The place is called Bourke’s Luck Potholes and is near God’s Window. We went on a 6000 kilometer long road trip in 2010, filming the nine host cities for the World Cup. On the way we passed the Luck Potholes and got a view into God’s Window. He was not in that day, but it was a nice view.

We are not sure if this developing exhibition ends today or we have to put up a picture next Monday, which is still 2012. If we do it will be week 53. Is that OK?

Have a silent week.