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Since it’s the festive season and you all have to find unique presents to your loved ones, we’ll show another picture from our gallery. This one is true art :-) It’s shot on a video camera, the frame has been grabbed and enhanced up to a decent dpi. Then Jørn worked hours with it in Photoshop.
It’s from Banana or really the place is called Muanda, it’s taken on the beach west of Banana. But Banana sounds better. Today the country where Banana is situated is named the Democratic Republic of Congo, in short DRC. Sometimes it’s called the Not So Democratic Republic of Congo. We have mentioned ”Banana Sunday” before, but will use this opportunity to recommend Christopher Munnions book ”Banana Sunday”. Excellent, funny and a good look back to how it was to work as a correspondent when Africa was still unknown territory for most people on the planet.

Muanda is ok - Banana is so, so. A run down place full of smugglers, corrupt civil servants, sailors and ordinary hopelessness in abundance. But it’s the town from where Congo was opened up and raped by the white man. At that time the country was named the Congo Free State. It seems this piece of real estate always has to be called something it’s not. Free and then democratic? OK, in between those two names the country has also been Belgian Congo and later Zaire, which both have been prober.

Anyway, Banana has some historic significance.

And if you missed the point. This picture and a lot of other photos can be purchased in our

Have a spending week.