The weeks


Maybe not the most interesting picture, but still worth showing. It has a good story connected to it. The young man is cleaning a bar of gold. Pure gold. It’s in an Ashanti Goldfields mine in Obuasi in Ghana. One of the leading gold producers in the world. Digging close to 500 ton out of the African underground a year.

We were doing a film and visited the mine.

The guy who took us around told Helle that if she could lift this bar in one hand she was allowed to keep it. We cannot remember how much the value of all this gold was, but it was a lot. Enough actually. The weight was just below 30 kilos - or 28, we cannot remember exactly.
So Helle tried and tried and got really red in her face. But unfortunately she was not able to lift it in one hand. There were no handle on the bar.

Fascinating to be around so much gold. To see the smelting and forming of bars. We could have used the money from this bar then and we could use the money today.

Have a rich week.