The weeks


Something about grapes this week. We have just celebrated our 25th anniversary down here (21st of November - a date to remember). Not our company, that will be in 2014, but as a happy couple. We ended up spending three days in the wine lands here in Western Cape for the celebration. To be exact we once again chose to stay in Franschhoek, the French Corner. A valley full of history and extremely beautiful, not far from Cape Town.

So what do you do when visiting the wine lands? We tasted wine and ate forbidden food in abundance. Really good food and really good wine. We can still taste it.

The picture is not from Franschhoek and it’s not even grapes for wine production. But we were not out for work, just pure pleasure and we did not take a single picture. But since this exhibition is all about archive photos which has never been published before, we are quite relaxed about the missed opportunities picture wise. Yeah, okay one picture we missed would have been great to show of this week, but Jørn is not a good photographer after having tasted six good wines at ten in the morning.

These grapes are meant for export for food consumption only, not for wine making. As you all know wine grapes are much smaller. These grapes are going to UK in winter time (up there) to cheer up the depressed population with some sweet juices tasting of sun and fresh colors of green and purple to light up in the dark. The young woman is pruning them to get the best out of the wines.

Have a sweet week.