The weeks


Sometimes we forget to tell you out there, that we actually work all over the planet. Not only in Africa. To underscore the point; here’s a picture of a homeless family in Manilla. We were in the Philippines for three weeks. Two of them we spend walking the streets, talking to many of the homeless people crowding the streets. This family had lived on this exact corner for many years. Every night they unpacked their stuff which had been put away for the day in one of the shops and set up their bedroom/living room just here. Come rain or storm, they stayed in this place.

It was a depressing job. But nothing compared to how all these human beings had to live their whole life. We got a few friends among the people we met. But unfortunately we haven’t been back to Manilla since that trip in 1993. Therefor we haven’t seen any of them again. And since they had no addresses, no computers, no phones, no nothing, we could not keep the contact.

For your information: Last year we worked in France, Libya, Oman, Dubai, India and Sri Lanka besides the jobs we had here on the African continent.

Have a safe week with a roof over your head.