The weeks


We had to find a picture from Denmark, because Jørn is on a quick visit to the cold and very small country. We tried something new as well for this week, in the sense the pic was chosen at random. We had no knowledge of what we should write about except it had to be from our Mother country. So we pointed a finger at a pix in the Danish archive and:

Well, meet Stine from the island of Fur in the northern part of Jylland. She was at this time, back in 1991, 84 years old. Fresh, fit, outgoing and had baked some wonderful cookies for our visit. We were doing a slide show for Help Age International and their Danish counterpart. The tittle of the show: ”Kill my son first!”

The quote, which gave us the tittle, came from a more than 90 years old woman on Zanzibar who was so happy to live that, if she was given the choice by Death to choose between her or her son, she said exactly what our slide show was called. ”Kill my son first” - and after a small pause - ”but don’t tell him what I just said”. Then she laughed.

Which bring us to this weeks topic. Why is it our society does not appreciate old and elderly people? Why is it the media in general are focused on young people? Why is it that (at least in Denmark) there exist a kind of ”youth fascism” where youth is everything?

We don’t get. We, at Mayday Press, are much smarter, much brighter and much, much more experienced, than we were at 25-30. We also remember our history and history in general.

Stine told us that she felt like 28 inside. So do we. So how do you get young people to understand something as simple as that?

Have an experienced week!