The weeks


Election time today in USA. Like it or not but it will have an impact on your life. It actually does matter who is in charge in God’s own country.

So will we see Mr. Obama be arrested and taken away or will he survive and get another four years?

We don’t know. But we lived in US when George Bush stole the election back in 2000. That was not a pretty sight. Did he have an impact on how the world was shaped after that ”victory” down in Florida? Oh yeah!

We can only hope that the majority of the people voting today will be wise and keep Mr. Romney out of office.

FYI: The man in the picture is not Barrack Obama.

It’s from Oakland, California, where we had our base for some three and a half years. A car thief rounded up after a serious chase in the streets of this hidden gem of a town.

Next time you are around San Francisco go visit Oakland. It is a place with a lot of history and it has everything. Even a vibrant Chinatown. The Black Panthers started out here. As did Hells Angels. As we said, lots of history.

Have an eventful week!