The weeks


People in South Africa are fed up with crime and the way it affects all of us. Yes, the murder rate has gone down again this year but, it is still way to high (43-44 murders a day on average) for a country which should have moved forward since 1994. Both regarding crime as well as a more equal society.
These women are demonstrating outside a primary school in Mitchells Plain here in Cape Town. A spontaneous outlet of frustration. As with the picture last week we were doing another story, when we met these very angry parents. The school had been vandalized the day before by a local gang who are terrorizing just about everybody they don’t like. No specific reasons given.

On top of that this school lacks basic things like water, clean and working toilets, even toilet paper. And who wants to send one’s son or daughter to a place like that? Gangsters and no basic hygiene.

The South African government is letting the new generation down big time. We have seen quite a few schools lately and it is a very depressing sight indeed. If a government forgets and/or neglects education we all know how the future will turn out. And this government does exactly that without to much fuss. Scary times ahead.

Have a crime free week.