The weeks


After last weeks wild and exiting picture, let’s stay out there in the African bush. We went on a trip the other day. Up to Karoo, a dry and enormous area where you can only survive on raising sheep or having a game farm. Or work in those places. Not much else to do around there. We went to Inverdoorn, a private game reserve for tourist to do a story. Not about cheetahs but, on something completely different.

Finished with the job and on our way to leave for home some 245 kilometers away, they asked if we wanted to see their cheetahs run?

”Why not?” (our company slogan) proved once again to give us a very nice, exiting experience, even if it was a short one. A cheetah in full speed.
They are faster to accelerate than the 12 cylinder 660 hp Enzo Ferrari. They go from 0 to 100 km per hour in 2,6 seconds! That is probably faster than any production car ever made. Amazing to watch and something to behold. We have seen a few cheetahs in the wild but, never have we seen one going at it like this.

If you want to enjoy these extremely fast and interesting creatures, do not hesitate too long. At the game farm they said in about 25 years the cheetahs would be extinct. Not much to do about it, even if they try.

Namibia has the highest number of cheetahs in the wild. But South Africa is not a bad place to see them either. Only between 9-12.000 are left worldwide.

Have a speedy week.