The weeks


In happier times! Remember 1990? A new decade had just started. The Berlin Wall had crumbled by the end of the old eighties. The Cold War had evaporated and the world looked like it was turning in to a place where peace and prosperity world wide would just be a question of another decade. When arriving in the new millennium 10 years ahead we would have achieved just that. WORLD PEACE!

We would never, ever, more have to hear Miss World claiming every year that she would work for world peace. It would be done and dusted by year 2000.

Even this man, Yasser Arafat had reasons to smile here in March 1990. ”The New World Order” would make room for him and the Palestinian people to be accepted and get a chunk of their homeland back. To forever live in peace and harmony with their semitic cousins, the Jews.

Will you ever meet a guy in the street who looks like this? Smiling, relaxed, confident. Even his bodyguard looks straight into the camera with a glimpse of hope and happiness. He sees no threat from the tourist in front of him. Whatsoever...

Jørn took this picture with a point and shoot camera. 35 mm. lens, flash on, no fancy stuff. Because he had no idea that he would stumble into a world famous politician and leader in the streets of Windhoek, Namibia. A freedom fighter for one people. A terrorist for another people. But for sure not a guy you would ever think of meeting up and very close in Kaiser Strasse, downtown Windhoek.

Mr. Arafat was in Windhoek by invitation. To watch Namibia get its independence from the dreaded South African apartheid regime. If Namibia could be free, why not his people?

We were in Namibia for the same reason.

That was then. ”The New World Order” did not live for long. Before the end of the decade some crazy muslims had blown up two embassies on the African continent. A new and long war had started.

Have a thoughtful week.