The weeks


I have to follow up on last week's picture. As I wrote it was taken in a room which used to be our bedroom. Here's the same room some three years before (1978). If you look closely, you will be able to see mattresses all over the floor. The wallpaper is the same, it was green, really ugly. But since we had occupied this house illegally we were not up to do any decorating. We stayed in this house number 54b at Vodroffsvej, Frederiksberg, for some months.

The story was this: A rich guy had bought nine or ten, can't remember the number, buildings at this very attractive address in Copenhagen. There were a lot of apartments. The "developer" wanted to tear down the nice brick buildings and build some very fancy and expensive flats in concrete.
Many of the people who used to stay in the old apartments had already been kicked out. 27 flats were empty. Then we arrived and moved into four of the big spacious apartments. Every day for weeks we were woken up by the police who arrested us, then took us to the police station. Then we were released and we moved back in later in the day. Sometimes the police arrested us twice in a day.

Long story, but in the end the developer gave up because of our very creative daily pressure on him and he was forced to sell everything back to the people who had remained in the buildings. We were offered to buy some flats for ourselves, but since we had a wonderful five room apartment further down the road in number 2C, with the same beautiful lake view, we declined to buy any and moved out. Today when I pass these buildings I actually feel quite proud that we managed to save these really attractive apartments. We should have invested in a couple, I think we were offered to buy the nice flats at the lakeside (Skt. Jørgens Sø) for less than 30.000 kroner. Today they must be worth millions.

Actually I just checked. One four room apartment for sale in number 54 is valued at around 5 million kroner. Talk about us not being able to make money then and even now :-)

We were/are idealists, you know. All 28 of us.

We all slept in this room. Very cosy.......

Later on we made real beds when the weather got cold. The guy with the guitar, Dav, was a nice guy. He only had one big flaw, he sometimes played the worst song ever written. "Vi voksne kan også være bange", ("We grown ups can also be scared") and for that I will never be able to forgive him :-)

Maybe we should sit down and write about that those years in Copenhagen? Interesting times it was.

Have a fear free week.