The weeks


Helle Maj wrote a piece on how she became a journalist last Tuesday. In Danish, unfortunately, but it created a lot of traffic and some interesting response. Now it's the photographers turn to spin a tale. This picture I made in September 1981. It's a self portrait made for a girlfriend, who had just kicked me out of her life. Or rather, I chose to leave after she fucked one of our friends in our home.
But I was devastated and made a series of pictures for her. Just so she could feel my pain.

Come on, I was 24 years old, she must have been 21 or so. I mailed the 24X30 prints to her in an envelope without sender. I know she got them.

I never thought I would really get over her. But I certainly did. The break-up was a huge stepping stone for me in getting on in life and actually start concentrate on photography. Had I stayed in the environment where we lived, I would have lost out big time. At that time I couldn't see it. But within a few months I was a happy man.

She ended up having four or five kids with four different men (as far as I know) and has never had a real job in her life. Good for her, I guess.

To emphasize the morale in the story. When Helle, I and our son Nick were hold hostage for almost two hours in our home in Nairobi 2005, we were out in the deep end after we survived. The five armed thugs threatened to kill us, burn us alive, rape Helle etc. Nasty experience for all of us.

Three weeks later we decided to leave Kenya for good. A year later the three of us were on top again and from then on we will be eternal grateful for the gangsters getting us out of that shithole Nairobi is. Of course we hope they have all been executed by the Kenyan police, the five thugs but, in the end we owe them, somehow.

Back to the picture. It is dark yes, but it had to reflect my mood. And then I look a little bit better in '81 than I do today some 32 years later :-) It's taken in a building in Copenhagen, which was going to be pulled down. Actually this room used to be our bedroom but, that's another story for another day.

Have a peaceful week.