The weeks


We are planning an exhibition at the end of the year. About our visits to Lugulus 1982 to 2012. Lugulus is a small manyatta in the northern Kenya where we have been quite a few times. Many times, actually. This is one of the pictures which will be included in the show. The boy is crying because he cannot catch the small kid. He was at that time an unusual boy. Normally you don't cry when you have reached his age. Ever. I think his father was a bit pissed at his way of showing emotions in public. But of course both his parents still loved him. In spite of this weakness.

In our society it is quite normal for children his age to cry. As it should be. But the toughness in this place, the droughts, the floods, the starvation, the heat, the snakes and just the code of conduct do not encourage weakness at any level. Sometimes we should be able to learn from places like this. The Samburu's have a strong culture and togetherness which we should envy. And they usually don't cry too much when life is tough. They get on with it!

Unfortunately the tribe is under extreme pressure. Climate changes, influence from the surrounding society, which is much more developed and missionaries who want to put on clothes on the savages and teach them to believe in our God. War spilling over from Somalia plus a lot of other things which eventually will destroy an established and well worked way of surviving in a harsh environment.

Our exhibition will not be a homage to conservatism and status quo. But just a registration of times changing. For better or worse.

Have a challenging week.