The weeks


There was a story last week about how people in the West are changing their food intake and life style. That most trendy people don't want to listen to the established guide lines on how and what to eat to keep fit and healthy. Because it's boring and in our new well informed society it's not really sexy to be seen as old school. The Westerners don't want to follow the proven way to balance their diet. Instead they are changing from one new food guru's invention of healthy life style to the next guru's revelation of how to live for an eternity.

Well, we all have to die someday. Isn't it?

We read the stories about how a couple of these self proclaimed prophets give advice to people in Scandinavia to live on a diet consisting of what our forefathers used to survive on. Back before the wheel was invented. Go out and collect berries, mushrooms, shoot a bear, catch a fish, and then start cooking the ingredients (just for a few days) and you will live to see the next coming of Christ. Oh, you work in an office? Let it go, we have to come back to our roots (even if our ancestors had an average life expectancy of 32 years - minus). A new trend established.

Then something else will appear tomorrow. Iron man is good for you! (It spoils your sex life, but..) Or something on that note. (Like; you can go and take a swim in the ice cold winter ocean, it's good for you, and it helps with the sex life at least, period).

We would like to venture into the new trendy market. To become rich and famous and guru-alike. This little creature above, a palm larvae from the rain forest in Congo, will keep you alive almost forever. Yeah, it doesn't look like a filet steak, but if you eat it every day, it will do the magic trick from here to eternity.

How to cook it? Take out it's intestines, put it into boiling oil (olive oil) and fry it for a couple of minutes. Until it's tender and crispy. Eat it while it's warm. It has a nutty taste and when you get used to the appalling way it moves when you cut it open, it's a piece of cake, honestly. Been there and still do it. The larvae will, in men, improve the quality of their semen and it makes women horny.

If you want more information on how to get hold of these buggers, do not hesitate to write us or even call.

See you in heaven, when we have survived all our friends, who didn't listen to our advice.

Bon appetit! Not just for the rest of the week, but forever.