The weeks


The summer in Europe is on it's way out. We know, because we haven't been able to get hold of people for quite some time, but from today it seems that our friends and customers are back to work. Thanks to all of you for coming back to life. Normally we ourselves try to be away from South Africa in August, especially away from Cape Town, because it is the worst month in the year.
But fate had it different here in 2012. We are working hard this month even when there's enough thunder to rattle the house and lightning to take out the power as happened Saturday night.

The photo is a summer picture back from 2010. Taken outside Nelspruit up north in this beautiful country where we live. The boy is just hanging out at the highway because his mother has a small fruit and veggie stall behind our back. Watching the life pass by at a tremendous pace. Hope he will be able to join a more exiting life later on in his career. It must be a bit borrowing just to sit here at the road side from this young age doing nothing - and then continue to do so the rest of your time on the planet. It happens of cause for some that life just passes them and when they suddenly look up, it's to late. They missed out and will not get a second chance.

Have a busy week.