The weeks


Finally it's here. The European Championship in football. Down here it's called soccer, don't ask me why. People here are actually following the action in Europe with an intensity which is remarkable. I can't see the Europeans following the African Nations Cup with same interest or spirit.
This picture is just to show, that "soccer" is a black/colored pass time in this country. In many ways sports are still divided between the races, though it is changing slowly. But watch the South African national rugby team and start counting colors. It's a white sport. As is cricket.

I went to Nyanga, a township in the Cape Flats, to watch a game between Bafana Bafana and the Super Eagles. To do a normal ´down to earth story` from what was at that time "The Murder Capital of the World". Which meant that this part of our city had the highest murder rate in South Africa and since South Africa had the highest murder rate worldwide that year, it was named "Murder Capital".
It was by all means a very normal evening. I did not get killed. And that's the point, I guess. Even if you had a staggering murder rate in Nyanga in 2008 standing at 266 murders (population 58.000), which was the year I took this picture, it's still a place where life (for most) goes on.

But I have to rethink if I want to go there again :-)

Where I live (population 42.000) we had 14 murders in 2008. Which again is an extremely high figure if I compare to my country of birth where 49 people were killed (population 5,4 million) in 2008!

I have to rethink if I want to stay here :-)

I have to do the math. Or at least call my son to do it.

Here's the result of his calculations: If you live in Nyanga the risk of getting murdered is 505 times higher than if you live in Denmark (yes I know, I should have used Copenhagen as an example, but this is not science). Here in the Republic of Hout Bay where I have voluntary chosen to spend my life instead of good old and very safe Denmark, the risk of getting killed is 37 times higher. Never thought about it before. Never will again either.

But back to football. Congratulations to the Danish team for beating Holland. I watched the match live we played against the ´Oranje` in Soccer City, Johannesburg, at the World Cup in 2010. The weather was perfect, but that was the only perfect thing going on that day. Denmark played like shit and lost to the Dutch. Really annoying. So it was a sweet victory last Saturday. And we hope the red and white Danish dynamite will keep it up and beat Ronaldo and company on Wednesday. Please.

Have a crime free week full of football.