The weeks


Winter is closing in on us down here in the Southern Hemisphere. Fortunately it is short and always has some sweet surprises. Suddenly you have two-three days of sunshine and 25-27 degrees Celsius. Then you can survive another few weeks with rain and cool weather.
This is a winter picture. Taken in mid-June some ten minutes walk from our home. The local wildlife in action. I like the colors in winter when the air is fresh and crisp. It gives you an opportunity to shoot beautiful images. And the weather keep away tourists. In summertime the harbor is crowded with people from all over the world. In winter we have everything for ourselves, also the Cape Fur seals. The harbor is back to itself with trawlers coming and going, the odd penguin who has lost it's way, the seagulls screaming.

When spring starts in September the Southern Right whales will come to visit the bay and on a few occasions be too curious and enter the harbor itself.

All this excitement within a walking distance. Of course we also have dolphins playing around, noisy Ibis, geese, guinea fowls. I am not a bird specialist but the creatures are nice to have roaming the air.

Have a warm week where ever you are.