The weeks


It's Mother's Day on Sunday. Here is a mother and her daughter. I always give this advice to men (not that they listen): Check out the mother of your girlfriend to get an idea how she will look when she gets older. Before you marry her :-)

This young woman was unfortunately married when I met her. She's really beautiful. And so is her mother. So her husband is quite a lucky man, I think.

I am sure both could have made a career in modeling if they had known about that profession. But they had no idea. The place is a small manyatta in Samburuland, northern Kenya. Quite far from any town. Lugulus is the name, and it consists of 11 families. Girls are married early so this woman has been a wife for many years. I came way to late.

Mother's Day is an American invention. Probably made up to boost the business people. To sell a lot of chocolate and flowers. It's a strange thing. Most mothers work their butts off all year and then we are supposed to honor them only one day a year, when they should have our attention every day of the year.

So call your mother today, don't wait until Sunday.