The weeks


Workers of all countries Unite! Wasn't it something like that the old communist slogan went? Tomorrow it's the First of May, the international labour day. Guess it has gone out of fashion, the old slogan, Solidarity is not really a thing of these new times. At least not in the part of the world where I live and in the part where I grew up. Here in Africa I have been to quite a few May Day parades. They have all, no most of them, been hijacked by the governments. Both in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya where I have lived, it was a farce to watch the parades. Okay, some of the participants made some glorious, memorable inputs. Like a Kenya Prisons truck with prison guards showing off their prisoners. But in general a sad sight which had nothing to do with solidarity or fighting for a better life for all.
Here in South Africa the story is different, though. COSATU has a long tradition on May Day and I hope tomorrow will show they are still going strong. Maybe they will demand Mugabe removed or something along those lines?

In Denmark, my country of birth, May Day has turned into a party where it's more important to get pissed than being pissed (at the situation). The financial crisis created by the big banks, the bosses giving themselves huge bonuses on tax payers money, should be enough to shout about. But it will not happen. Probably the so called leftist politicians will speak "newspeak". The language George Orwell invented. But that's it.

It's not even fun. At least we had some fun going on when I was young. I remember one May Day we brought a wheel of fortune to one of the demonstrations. You could win a slogan. When a person won everybody had to shout it loud and clear. I can't remember all of them, but here's a couple of them: "More Queens to the people"! - "No to cold coffee"! All of them were in that spirit. It worked perfect.

This weeks picture is from Masawa in Eritrea. Workers at the harbor sweating in plus 40 degrees Celsius. I am sure they would like some solidarity from both North and South. They have a President who is nuts, a country which could have made it, but because of his stubborn clinching to power, is always on the brink of war and suffering big time.

By the way. Our company name has nothing to do with May Day. Mayday Press is called like that because Helle is also Maj (Helle Maj), which is May in Danish. She's the boss and naturally the company is named after the boss.

Have a hard working week, will you.