The weeks


Have you ever been called "half a brain"? Or half brain? I have, mostly by my wife.

Fortunately I documented that expression many years ago. This is how it looks like in real life. I took this picture in Peshawar, Pakistan, back in 1988.
Last week the Danish media - all the Danish media - behaved like the brain you see here. Not really connected to the rest of the world.

A very screwed and rich businessman, Arnold Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller, died in the mature age of 98. Since he died last Monday and up till today, this Monday, papers, TV, radio and the web has been full of stories about
the man. After those eight days he is not human anymore. He's a Saint who could walk on water, create bread from stone etc. You know the old story about a man who was able to those things some 2000 years ago.

Now we have the second man who was just as good to do these tricks.

I have not in my long life seen such a hysteric media coverage without a hint of criticism about how he made his business grow. A business he inherited from his dad and a business which was fairly profitable when he took over from the old man.
Yes, we don't write anything bad about newly deceased persons in our Western culture, but a little bit of restraint in the covering of the old mans death would have been appropriate.
98 % of journalist have only written one sided, heroic, stories. Not a word about how he also made his money in an illegal war (Iraq 2003), doing big business with corrupt, dictatorial, regimes world wide, employing people from third world countries and underpaying them big time. How apartheid is a reality on the worlds biggest container fleet which he owned etc.

He was the richest man in Denmark so those issues were not relevant after his death.

But the media did not stop there. Anders Breivik, the Norwegian über-terrorist, got the same treatment. No filter, no editing at all.
Everything he said, thought, dreamed, in that Oslo courtroom was published enabling him to get the biggest audience for all his crazy ideas, get the ultimate exposure to spread his propaganda, without reflexion.

That's what I call half brain journalism. Maybe it's a sign of the times. You just put up a microphone and a camera on a tripod in front of any idiot and then it's journalism. Thank God I am a photographer!