The weeks


There's a lot of conspiracy theories going on all the time. Most involve oil, the fossil fuel, not this oil you see in the picture. The latest "real" conspiracy; the "Make Kony Famous" campaign by the American NGO "Invisible Children" is a part of a bigger conspiracy involving oil companies. They only want the american military advisers in Uganda as a tool to grab the newfound oil around lake Albert.

Bullshit! Of course Illuminati is behind the Kony campaign :-)

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all these conspiracy people in cyberspace used their abundant time and energy to expose some real problems. Not the big juicy conspiracies which has no connection to the real world, but good old capitalism and greed which cost a lot of suffering for a lot of people in our part of the world, Africa.

BIG OIL is BIG BAD (though we would not like to be without petrol for our BIG Bader Meinhof Wagen).

But what about this kind of oil? The palm oil is in thousands of products we use in our daily life. Now it's used for bio-fuel as well. The demand for palm oil has made it into a very profitable business to start. Experts say that the last few years as much land as the size of Germany has been bought or leased by foreign Western/Asian companies in the third world. Deforestation, the suffering of small scale farmers, expensive basic food products, is the result of the blatant greed from us. All this by a product which has gotten the approval as a "green fuel" from EU.

The thirst for palm oil has already resulted in one coup d'état, stopping a big company from South Korea to take over 1,3 million hectars in Madagascar. Most countries the palm oil companies are dealing with have very corrupt regimes and everything is possible.

Let's hear from the conspiracy guys on this one. Who is behind the palm oil exploiting? Just don't write Illuminati, please!

Thanks in advance for the theories. By the way, the picture is from the Port of Kinshasa, DRC.