The weeks


Just another day at the butchery. A lot of blood all over the place. Beautiful. It's early morning in Kakuma refugee camp in North West of Kenya. The lady is not a refugee but a local Turkana taking care of her business. I guess most people have an idea of refugee camps being some sad places. But if the camps are old enough, and this is, most will have butcheries, restaurants, bars etc. Like a normal town. I think at the time this picture was taken there was around 80.000 living within the camp. From many different countries. I remember there was a very good Ethiopian restaurant where this goat might have ended up. Haven't been to Kakuma for some years. It used to be a place we visited all the time. Maybe we just had enough?
I like the way people in East Africa kill their animals. It would probably get quite a few protest from Animal Right Groups if you tried it at home in Europe or the States. But compared to the big slaughter houses we have seen in Denmark, this is much more humane.

Anyway, have a bloody good week.