The weeks


How many people do you see in this picture? Forget about the actual pile of bones which were much bigger. But how many people are in this group photo?

I don't know. But what I do know is that 5000 people were killed in a short time in the morning at the 15th of April 1994. The picture dates back from February 2007 and fortunately this pile of bones has since been removed. I found it over the top to show the remains of all these human beings in this way. The place is a small building behind the church in Ntarama, one of the most exposed genocide memorials in Rwanda. The church itself contains a lot of craniums put on shelves. That works better for me. It's a bit more dignified and gives you an opportunity to feel a bit of the horror when you have the hollow eyes just in front of you.

I talked to a survivor, Narcisse, how he had managed to escape down to the marches below Ntarama. How he had survived by hiding in the mosquito and snake infested swamps by day and how it was to hear the killers coming through the high papyrus and whatever weeds every day singing merry songs and killing every one they found. As Narcisse told me: It was all about staying away from families with children. Because the kids would eventually not be able to keep quiet and therefore attract the killers attention. Not one family with children survived the one month it took before the area was liberated by the guerilla movement RPF. One month. We went into the swamps together. I wanted to see and smell the place. I would never have survived a nightmare like Narcisse did. Neither would you.

If you have any idea how many people there's in this photograph do not hesitate to write me. Have a good week.