The weeks


You remember the 1970s? This is from 1979. It must be some of the last young hippies around still believing in flower power. I guess they have a good time. They look a bit drunk. One of my lady friends who saw this picture back then was very offended. She thought I had only taken it because of the tits. And?

It's from Copenhagen, Denmark, and some people actually went around naked in public places like in this park (Fælledparken). Last week I saw a news story from the same country. It was about how young people today avoids taking a shower after they have done sports in school. Just because they don't want to be naked in front of their friends. They find it embarrassing. So instead of progressing from the freedom we achieved only 45 years ago, the young generation is moving back to Victorian ages. I feel pity for them, absolutely. The young women of today get breast implants as a gift from their boyfriends to have bigger boobs. And then they hide them away. I don't get it :-)

As far as I know we are all born without clothes. There must be a deeper meaning for us being naked when we enter the world.