The weeks


We have been to other continents than Africa.

Thank God for that!

So there are a lot of pictures from other places which are worth publishing this year.

Here you have a boy with a small part of the yearly harvest. The green stuff is Mary Jane, marijuanna, pot, ganja, bangi, weed, grass, dagga, kif, dope, skunk, hemp or in a language we all know,
Cannabis sativa.

The picture was taken at a small commune in the Southern part of the island Fyn. Not one of the farmers wanted to be in the picture since it is illegal to grow the stuff in Denmark. I am not an expert on this plant but it looks like it has been nurtured in a professional way and the smell was very strong. So I guess it was the real deal. Somebody must have had a stoned body and head later on when the plants had been dried and smoked?