The weeks


As promised at the beginning of the year. Only pictures which has not been published before will be shown in this 2012 exhibition. Mayday Press used the sister to this picture some years back as a New Year postcard to our customers and friends. And I have used that postcard picture for years as a screen saver. But I found this, the next frame from that day at Giraffe Manor in the outskirts of Nairobi, in my RAW files. I think the official location of the Giraffe Centre is in Karen, but I am not sure even we used to live just around the corner. Anyway I love giraffes, with or without heads. They don't taste that exiting, though. We have only been able to get a giraffe roast right once. But it is such a beautiful animal when running or even just walking. We use a giraffe in our film logo as well. If you ever travel to Nairobi go and visit Giraffe Manor or the centre just next to the house. You can actually stay at the manor if you have enough money. It's a five star experience.

It's also a great place for kids. And that's why I publish this picture right now. My grandson is leaving for Nairobi this week and I hope his parents will take him out to see and touch these creatures. These are Rothschild giraffes by the way. Up North in Kenya in Samburu you will find the very elegant Reticulated giraffe. But thats another story for another day.

Just down the road from here where we live nowadays there's a guy selling a huge giraffe hide. But it's to big for our humble home. So we are stuck with a zebra in the living room lying on the floor chilling out.

If you want to watch our film logo you are most welcome to do it