The weeks


This is an ordinary passenger plane in DRC, the not so Democratic Republic of Congo. Imagine. I think this is the most dangerous thing you can do in the whole of Africa. To fly in DRC. The company was called Executive Aviation, as I remember. The route is Kinshasa-Bumba. The plane is an Antonov 26, the crew from Ukraine, non English or French speaking but very good at Russian. The flight the day before was cancelled because the President (Kabila the Younger) needed some arms flown to the Eastern part of Congo and he preferred to use Executive Aviation to do the dirty business for him. The next day we have religious books among other things on board.
There was no seatbelts, actually I was standing up when we took off from Kinshasa. In Bumba the plane was loaded with live parrots from the rainforest and the pilots managed to get the aircraft off the runway and into the tall elephant grass. The parrots went back to Kinshasa to be exported illegally to Europe and US.

By the way. Congolese planes are not allowed in European or American airspace. Or Asian. The track record for plane accidents in that country reads like a horror novel.

But look how the service was on board :-) Great stuff.