The weeks


Here he is. Niclas Bendtner showing off his underwear. He was fined 80.000 British Pounds for flashing his now famous boxer shorts during the Portugal-Denmark game. Not fair, not fair at all. Because as you can see in this picture from a training session in Knysna, South Africa back in 2010, he just loves to pull down his trousers. Guess UEFA did not know that part of his personality.

To serve him a fine of that size compared to the fines UEFA gives for racist shouts and comments from "fans" is ridiculous. Platini has lost his marbles and stand out as a complete asshole. A man for whom you can have no respect anymore. Platini has become more corrupt than Blatter.
I don't get it. A lot had been written about racism before the EURO 2012 started in Poland/Ukraine. And the spectators lived up to the hype. Bananas thrown to the field, monkey sounds made by hundreds to abuse Balotelli. But UEFA decides to only give small fines to the respective countries FA's.

UEFA sucks.

Have a wonderful week with plenty of football.