The weeks


Just to honor the freedom fighters and the Libyan people in general for their success in holding the first free, fair and democratic election in more than 60 years. Jørn cannot take credit for the picture. He only released the shutter on his camera. It's for us an unknown artist who made this quite big graffiti on one of the walls which kept the people out from Gaddafi's compound in Benghazi. Maybe someone out there can translate the words for us?
But the meaning is obvious, isn't it?

We are sure Gaddafi was not jewish. But freedom of expression is a cornerstone in democracy so we'll live with the small misunderstanding in the artist view of the world.

We sincerely believe that Libya is on the right track. A lot of people out there tries to undermine history. Many will not believe that this was the real deal. A true revolution made by the people for the people.

With a little help from some friends, the people of Libya actually are free now.

It will not be a cake walk, democracy. It will not be like dancing on rose petals into the light and it will take years for most Libyans to learn what democracy is.

But we learned it a few years back, so why not the Libyans?

From down here, congratulations. And to all of you conspiracy guys, get a life!

Have a democratic week.