The weeks


It's a serious business to be a communist. Nothing to laugh about, really.

We are a bit unsure of why you still find communists outside countries like North Korea, Cuba, China plus a few other places. The ideology should have died and been cremated back in 1989/90, when the Wall came down. When even the most hardcore communist living at the western side of the Iron Curtain could see for themselves that state sponsored socialism would never succeed. That the people did not want it. But still you find persons who believe that marxism could actually work in real life. Like these women in Tamil Nadu, India. Maybe they are excused in a way. Most are really poor and are have not gained anything in India's rapid growing economy. An economy driven by pure capitalism at the expense of the environment and poor people like these women.

But communism in Europe?

And why do we write about communists right now? Because there's a strange thing going on in our country of birth. Denmark has a small communist party. They call themselves "Enhedslisten" which can be translated into several different meanings. Like "Unity List" or "Togetherness Party" or whatever. It sounds as stupid in English as it does in Danish. But that's the name they chose back in 1989 when the Wall came down and they had to "reinvent" communism. The party consist of old style hardcore Moscow communists mixed up with a bit of ultra leftists, Troskists, feminists, greens and the odd socialist.
Now the party's popularity has exploded. If there was an election for parliament tomorrow, they could get up to 12-15% of the votes (from 6,7% at the election in 2011). They want to nationalize just about everything and create a classless society where everybody will walk around looking like this elderly lady in the picture. A society with no room for smiles. Police and military will be abolished, the party will then decide that crime will not exist anymore and war as we know it will be confined to the history books. Which by the way will be rewritten so that our history will fit into Enhedslistens world view.

At the other side of the political spectrum in Denmark you have the ultra right. They get 12-14% of the votes in any election. They are, believe it or not, on many issues very much on same page as the communist. Yeah, they have some minor talking points to level out. The communists hates the jews and the ultra right in Denmark hate the muslims. But two times minus is a plus. So one day they will probably agree just to hate everybody who circumcise their boys and slaughter animals in strange ways or take the easy option. Just hate everybody who is not supporting totalitarian rule.

Our mother country has really moved to the extremes the last few years.


We don't know. Year after year the Danish people are found to be the happiest in the world. The country is among the top twenty richest on the planet. And still the Danes want to vote totalitarian extremists into power. Honestly, it's scary and we wonder how it will all end.

Have a communist free week (it may be the last).