The weeks


I found a picture which is somehow religious. It's Easter Monday and we have to think about Jesus Christ, isn't it? I am for sure not a religious person, but I certainly grew up in a Christian home. That's hard to forget.

Have you ever been in a surgeons theatre? Followed an operation where the person is completely knocked out from anesthetics? If not, this is how it looks. This young man was hurt in a hunting accident deep in the forest. He had to have a lot pellets removed from his thigh.

This operation room has a history, that's why I was there. The town is Abumombasi, very far from just about everything, except the Ebola river. Yes, that's right. This is the area where Ebola was discovered and named back 1976.

But that was not in this hospital, it was in the nearby Yambuku, where 11 out of 17 staff members were infected, and died.

This theatre was the place where a Danish surgeon worked and was infected with HIV back in 1978. She is the first confirmed victim of the virus. Some of the staff working here still remember her and spoke highly about her and her work back then. She got infected when operating on a patient having HIV. But nobody had ever heard about HIV at that time, so she died in a lot of pain and as a doctor, not even knew why she had to die.

The epicenter of both Ebola and HIV. A bit scary and picking up on conspiracy theories from a couple of weeks back - this is something to think about. For you guys who believe that everything is one big conspiracy.

The young man had all the lead removed and was in good spirit the next day when I met him in his hospital bed surrounded by his family.

PS For nurses and doctors. The small piece of cotton they have put on his nose is to monitor if he is still breathing. As long as it moves he's OK. That's how to cope in a country like Congo, where resources are limited.