The weeks


The next 52 weeks Mayday Press will publish a new picture every Monday (hopefully). New in the sense that the photos have not been published before. But our archives contains a lot of good images. Funny, beautiful, ugly, but all worth having a second look at. It will of course expand the photographers portfolio on our website for our customers to get a further look into his work. But mostly it should be entertaining for you out there.

If there is a story behind the picture it will be told. If not, well, we'll find out to tell another good story.

This road sign is from Southern Namibia on your way to Fish River Canyon, the second largest in the world after Grand Canyon in USA. Fish River Canyon is beautiful but as you can see clearly, you have to approach it very, very careful. Which we did and so we are still alive to tell the story...

Enjoy the next 52 weeks, please.

January 2nd 2012