The weeks


This is true monkey business. No bullshit. The newly shot animal was offered to me. But I was not into monkey business that day. The picture is taken far up river on the river of rivers, the Congo. I am deep into the rainforest on a barge sailing towards Kisangani, you know "A bend in the river"? The book by V.S. Naipaul? That's Kisangani. I think. But Kisangani is still days of sailing away.

The reason for not buying the monkey was of course that I don't like to eat monkey. All the way down in Boma, thats probably some 13-1400 kilometers down river from this place, I actually bought a monkey. I was together with two friends and at one of the markets just next to the river, we invested in a monkey to give as a birthday present to another friend. Then it was prepared in a stew by his cook and we ate it.

That's why I know I don't like monkey. I guess the meat was ok, but the idea of eating a close relative did not go well in my brain. My congolese friend Djo called us sissies and other nice words and he was right to do it. Because it was a nice stew. But the meat somehow grew in my mouth when I chewed and only because I was raised to eat what's on my plate did I finish it.

This looks like a fine monkey, though. For the price of around 4 USD it's not a bad deal. Bon appetit...