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Slideshows has become the craze of modern presentation on the web and it is fine, good, excellent! But....

Photographer Jørn Stjerneklar has the age to actually have worked with
real slides shot on film, mostly developed in E-6. He even used Kodacrome now and then. He spent 15 years making slideshows for institutions, private companies, festivals etc.

According to him it is a disgrace to watch how little the original slideshow has influenced the young generation on the internet. Too many people are using the new software to do the hard work for them - without exploring the media’s

A good slideshow uses all the facets of photography, sound, music and effects to tell the story. When done the right way a slideshow can give the audience a much more full experience than any video or film can do.

You can have the best pictures in the world, but that doesn´t make a good slideshow. Just watch
The River and you will get the point. It is not a good slideshow, just good pictures.

On the other hand if you want inspiration to become a good
storyteller using slideshows click on one of the slides to your right.